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 About Jennifer 


"In my opinion, ‘The future is female’ only works if we do not fight fire with fire. My photography is meant to elicit reflection, laughter and, above all, mutual discussion. The images to which we are exposed everyday shape both our understanding and our perception of our environment. The more pictures that stimulate reflection and the more we challenge the status quo, the more likely mindsets and attitudes will change.”

My background in photography?

When I started to take photographs, there was no specific goal in my mind and it was not at all clear, where this journey would lead me.

To feel the camera in my hand and to capture images was primarily a method of relaxation and meditation.

But then the camera became not only a lens into undiscovered realms but unlocked pathways to new mindsets, remarkable people and beautiful moments and my world gained new dimensions.

How has my work changed throughout the years?

In the beginning, I only took pictures of motionless objects, but rather soon I realized, that there are different aspects of photography, which capture the focus of my attention and imagination.

The interaction with people, who stood in front of my camera, whose essence I tried to picture, was and is where my real fascination with the subject lies. Even though I started out with portrait photography I diversified my portfolio with art projects.


Like most photographers I also try to reach for the evanescent, to distill the quintessence of minuscule fractions of time and to paint a two-dimensional impression of a multidimensional reality. But with time my focus has completely shifted to the human being, the presence in front of my camera, 'the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world's phenomena intersect, only once in this way, and never again'. (Hermann Hesse) 


When I started to engage with topics like feminism and equality it was apparent from the start that these topics would find their way into my work as a photographer.

2015-2016         Masterclass photography, imago fotokunst / Berlin


2017                     The Portrait Masters , online Workshop Felix Kunze



2022                    Equal Nude - (N) Akt (e) Fotografie, Pasteurstrasse 13, Berlin

2021                    The Female Gaze - non sexualized nudes, Pasteurstrasse 13, Berlin


2022                    Lange Nacht der Bilder, HB55, berlin 

2021                    Menstruation Project, online exhibition

2020                    C´NSORS´P , galerie8CO119, Paris

2019                    meet up AJ exhibition , baltic hotel zinnowitz

2019                    Werksschau 2.0, Fabriktheater, berlin

2019                    Lange Nacht der Bilder, HB55, berlin

2018                    meet up AJ exhibition , baltic hotel zinnowitz

2016                    Graduation Exhibition , imago fotokunst, berlin


2020                     forwomenwhoroar magazine, print 

2019                     fisheyemagazine, online and print 

2019                     fotofemmeunited, online magazine

2018                     photofotomag , online magazine 

2018                     "Schärfe gibts beim Inder"  Andreas Jorns Photoblog

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