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 About Breastshirts - The Berlin Edition


"As I mentioned in my bio,  the more pictures that stimulate reflection and the more we challenge the status quo, the more likely mindsets and attitudes will change. Thats why I decided to bring the original breastshirts of the artist Dayana Ruiz to Berlin.”

You may also have noticed that since the 1930s it has become more and more normal to see men topless also in public. For women, however, the public display of their breasts is still a taboo. The bodies of women are still sexualized and in the field of social media it is even forbidden to show female nipples, there are only a few exceptions (eg nursing mothers, pictures of mastectomies and paintings) which will not the immediate censorship by the operators of the respective platform would result. This sometimes leads to the extent that accounts are temporarily blocked or even completely deleted (as happened in my case several times). 

Dayana launched her protest action in Miami in 2017. In the middle of 2019, I started following her on Instagram, together we developed the idea to bring the Breastshirts to Germany, more precisely to Berlin. And so "Breastshirts - The Berlin Edition" was born. I showed the first promo copies on the occasion of an exhibition. From then on the "topless get-together" events will be held regularly.
Showing breasts without being nude as a statement against the ubiquitous sexualization of the naked female body is a goal of this art action. But at least as important to me is the empowerment behind such an event. I create a space in which the participants can accept their bodies without value and self-acceptance can be experienced.
Part of this experience is the Breast photoshoot and every participant gets her own Breastshirt after the event. In the gallery, you can see already created Breastshirts. Also, there are based on the censorship on social media so-called cum.mod.i.tee shirts with artfully censored nipples. These can additionally be ordered at the events. 

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