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topless get-together 

Shoot & Shirt

Exemplary procedure:


10.00 : Meeting in front of the studio and "hello"

10.15 : We remove our tops and start with a common breathing exercise to arrive in the community.

10.30 : Introductory round and group discussions

11:00 : Start of the shoot for the Breastshirt

11:20 : Optional shooting for an additional cum.mod.i.tee shirt

11:45 : fitting the promo shirts to the size determination

12:00 : "goodbye"

About 14 days after the event, you will receive your shirt conveniently by mail. Breast-shirt, postage and packaging, as well as drinks are included in the ticket price.


This two-hour workshop is an invitation to share your body perception with people (Number of participants limited to 8 persons)
from the FLINT * spectrum (f, l, intersex, non.binary and transsexuals). We reflect in this safe space the relationship with our bodies, especially our breasts. Every participant is invited to share her experiences with the others as far as she feels comfortable with it. Also just listening is totally fine and nobody is forced to tell something about herself. However, experience has shown that most participants in this environment find it easy and many enjoy opening up. Often a lightness that can not be described oscillates in these workshops, which is set up at the very latest during the subsequent shoot.

After paying via Paypal, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a ticket to download, which you should bring to the event.

If paypal is not available for you to pay, please write me an email with the subject "topless get together" and we will find a common solution. (Number of participants limited to 8 persons)

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Saturday, 01 Frebruary 2020 / 02am-04pm
Screenshot 2019-11-29 10.42.01.png
Sunday, 16 February 2020 / 02am-04pm
Screenshot 2019-11-29 10.42.01.png
Saturday, 07 March 2020 / 02am-04pm
Screenshot 2019-11-29 10.42.01.png
Sunday, 29 March 2020 / 02am-04pm
Screenshot 2019-11-29 10.42.01.png
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